When I founded the Ghostpros Corporation nearly 20 years ago, I expected that magical things would happen, yet I had no idea that I was about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. I imagine that our success really wasn’t much of a surprise, given that I’d based the organization’s strengths upon the tried and true principles of integrity, punctuality and commitment. But there was so much more to things than just organization. There was a human factor as well. One that took on a life of its own in a very magical way. Perhaps that’s why there are people on our team that have been with us for nearly fifteen years. And it’s also why I continually strive to provide our family of investigators with their own adventures of a lifetime. Experiences that they’ll remember until their dying day. And that’s what drives me. An unyielding passion to lead and grow that’s become our mantra. A code of excellence that’s made Ghostpros, and it’s subsidiary Paranormal Divers, the industry leaders in our field.

If technologies don’t exist we create them. And, if a concept can been visioned, we push forward until it becomes a reality. We’ve created mobile field units, gas charged sonars, and winged reconnaissance craft that can collect sound data for hours. I’m proud of where we stand, and I’m proud of what we’ve done. With a dedicated chain of investigators coast-to-coast, and the resources to staff investigations nationally. We’re not looking for our first ghost. As we’ve already seen so many that we lost count years ago. Nor are we interested in proving to the world that paranormal activity really exists. Rather, we’re here to do our job. Which is pushing the envelope, searching for clues, and proving to ourselves that it’s all been worth the effort. Because we’re Ghostpros.


Professional Paranormal Investigators.

Lee Ehrlich: Ghostpros Founder



As individually unique as the states they live in, each Ghostpros investigator brings a specialized skill-set to the table.Some are scientists, specializing in one-off subsets such as ground penetrating radar, or forensic recovery. While others approach things from a more spiritual angle, choosing to rely upon the tried-and-true methods of spirituality and awareness. This diversity is key to our success, as investigating the unknown has no boundaries, and an open mind is crucial to determining exactly what we’re dealing with.



When you’re dealing with unknown energies, and unexplained phenomena that can appear and disappear in the blink of an eye, properly applied technology can be a major asset in your investigative arsenal.That is, of course, if you understand that technology is a tool to be used wisely. And that there will often be times where the most gentle approach will produce the best results possible. That’s why we’ve engineered things with a bit of stealth in mind. Where improving range or sensitivity has proven to be the difference between capturing an anomaly or scaring it away altogether. This philosophy is most evident in the design of our sonar pods and modules. As the proprietary technology within each drone allows us to gather sound bites that are crisper, clearer, and more legible than anything we’ve previously heard. It all comes together to provide a more concise investigative environment, which thus far, has proven to be a huge asset in all aspects of our research.



At Ghostpros, we’re dedicated to solving the great many mysteries that regularly come our way. Some of these mysteries involve traditional ghosts and hauntings, while a great many others involve the ghosts of the past, and the clues left behind by the living, many years ago. That’s why we’ve evolved into an investigative organization that employs many different means of digging up the past. And it’s also why our focus has become much more comprehensive with every step we take. Sometimes we’re in search of artifacts buried deep in the ground. Things long forgotten, that bridge the gap between myth, folklore, and genuine, tangible fact. While other times we’ll dredge up the past in amazing ways, putting a much finer edge on what we thought we knew, so that the truth can be revealed without question. As you can imagine, the search for such things often takes us to far-away places, and with each new endeavor we learn more about our own capabilities than we ever imagined. This has all led to where we now find ourselves. To a place where we’re regularly making some amazing discoveries. Whether it’s discovering an uncharted shipwreck, or finding human remains, our enhanced search capabilities have allowed us to take part in re-writing history, laying the groundwork for many others to follow. None of this has gone unnoticed of course. For our specialized equipment and expertise often rivals or surpasses that of local municipalities. This enables us to do a great many things that most others can’t. For we’re not encumbered with budgets, protocol, or manpower constraints. If something needs to be done, we do it. And we proudly boast the capability to search for anything at all, be it in the air, on land, or at sea. In reading this, you have to wonder if maybe we’ve gone too far… If perhaps we’ve gone off to that strange place where people don’t recognize themselves anymore. But we think not. For the desiccated bones, and the sunken cars,and the human remains all tell a story. One that needs to be told… And if it wasn’t for us, who would be there to tell it



Several years ago, our founder, Lee Ehrlich, was part of a technical dive team that had penetrated the hull of a sunken World War 2 warship. During the dive, the team encountered a strange ball of light, deep within the ship, that moved with thought and purpose. The event was unprecedented, and while there was no earthly explanation for the light’s existence, all who were present, had witnessed the same thing. Over the years, the light became a distant memory, until the Florida-based Ghostpros office began receiving calls in regard to strange underwater lights that were being seen in Tampa Bay. Ghostpros researched the sightings, and soon, with the help of a local dive shop and several marine contractors, the very first Paranormal Divers team was born. At first we were just a small team, eager and curious to discover anything unusual that bumped along the ocean floor. But soon enough we grew into an amazing team of technical divers that operated in an unprecedented manner. Specialized teams were deployed that searched the bowels of shipwrecks, deep caverns, and any other underwater structures that were rumored to hide strange activity. It was an exciting time for all of us. And then, as the first solid evidence of underwater paranormal activity was captured by our team, we knew there’d be no turning back.

The Paranormal Divers had become The World’s First and Only Team specifically dedicated to the research of underwater paranormal phenomena.Soon enough we began to develop technology specific to our needs. Gear capable of withstanding the tremendous pressures of the deep, while collecting the exact data we were targeting. Naturally, over the years, our teams have grown exponentially in both form and function, and there has been a cross-over effect in regard to our expanded capabilities. We became heavily trained in search and recovery, and soon enough, we began making archaeological and forensic discoveries in both fresh and saltwater.These changes have been amazing, as now our team is regularly sought after by news teams, filmmakers and television producers who rely upon our team to get the job done.It’s been a fascinating ride, and in many ways the story has just begun. So we’re going to keep on doing exactly what we always have. Because it’s definitely a hell of a lot of fun.



Whether you’re interested in the paranormal, cryptozoology, or marine archaeology, there’s a load of information just waiting to be discovered on our numerous social media sites. We’re actively expanding our media presence, with upcoming videos, movies, and several full-length documentaries. All designed as integral parts of what will soon be the largest interactive paranormal site on the internet. A place for those of many interests, who yearn to expand their horizons through education, involvement, and experience.

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Welcome to the online link to our Business Office. For all general business related correspondence, please contact our office via e-mail at Info@Ghostprosinc.com For all media related requests, please contact our publicist via e-mail at Media@Ghostprosinc.com Simply send us a short message, including your telephone number ( With area code) and a representative will contact you as soon as possible.


Ghostpros is not, under any circumstances, accepting investigator applications at this time, regardless of background or experience. Thank you.


Ghosts are quite interesting, and they’re always a thrill. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all ghostly encounters require a formal investigation. That’s why we prefer to take the time to review each individual case as thoroughly as possible before making any and all decisions. So that we can act vigilantly in regard to your safety, and the safety of your loved ones. If you have reason to believe that you are currently experiencing phenomena that is serious enough to warrant an investigation, please begin the process by scheduling a verbal consultation with one of our case managers. Once you have spoken with the case manager, your situation will be reviewed in-house, where we will then determine whether or not to sanction a case file.

To schedule a consultation, please contact a Case Manager at Requests@Ghostprosinc.com



Ghostpros is home to two of the most dynamic and well known paranormal investigators in the field. Lee Ehrlich is an Adventurer/Explorer, who is most notably recognized as the World Authority on Underwater Paranormal Phenomena. He is a paranormal investigator and Best-Selling Author who leads a nation-wide investigative team specializing in hostile and dangerous environments. His investigative exploits have earned him critical acclaim, which has resulted in numerous radio and television appearances, including a starring role in The Travel Channel’s “Legends Of.” On the Conference Tour, Lee is a well known lecturer who brings a unique perspective to the paranormal realm.


Josh “ The Animal” Edilla, is a nationally known paranormal investigator with nearly two decades of experience. He is the host of the wildly popular podcast “ Animal Paranormal Live,” which is arguably the most popular show of its kind. As the Ghostpros Lead Investigator, Josh has been with the organization for nearly fifteen years, and he holds the distinction of being one of the founding members of the Paranormal Divers Team. On land, his specialty is artifact search and recovery, which recently resulted in his making one of the most profound archaeological discoveries in paranormal history.

To schedule either Mr. Ehrlich or Mr. Edilla for a speaking engagement, please contact our publicist at Media@Ghostprosinc.comfor more details.